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How To Get Tons of Motivated Sellers in Pre-Foreclosure Begging You to Take Their Homes

Door-to-Door Marketing: A Step-by-Step, Proven Method to Make Money in Real Estate, Taught by a Real Estate Marketing Master Who Has Knocked On More Than 22,000 Doors

Imagine ten, twenty, even fifty or more prospects permonth calling you beggingfor your help with their home that’s about to go on the auction block? It’s guaranteed if you use the secret all the really successful pre-foreclosure investors use: door-to-door marketing.

Complete Turnkey System

It’s a complete turnkey system that shows you step-by-step how to build a real estate investor marketing machine for pre-foreclosures.

Dan Doran, the real estate marketing master, will train your manager in how to hire and train a team of researchers for you. They will knock on the doors, take photos, judge the conditions of the house, find out about the secondary loans, etc. Super valuable stuff to help you make decisions of who to pursue and who to delete from you list.

And, you don’t have to lift a finger. Dan shows you a quick and easy real estate investor marketing system for finding, screening, and hiring and training your researchers without lengthy, time consuming interviews and phone calls. And to train them: You, or your manager, simply hand the new hire a set of CD’s and they self-study their way to becoming a competent researcher.

Three Deeds in Two Days

It’s been about two months since I first studied the door-to-door marketing tapes. We’ve got five researchers going now and things are starting to really hum. Just this week, I got 2 deeds in one day and got one more the next day. At this rate we’ll be to our goal of 12 deeds per month by summer. I can’t imagine doing this business without the abundance of deeds that door knocking gives us. We still mail and all the rest, but Dan was right: door-to-door is the cornerstone of an awesome marketing campaign. Rod Yates, Salt Lake City, UT

Why Door-to-Door Marketing is the Best Real Estate Investor Marketing Method in the World, Bar None

FAST – with a team of researchers you can cover a lot of leads efficiently
CHEAP – you reward results so there are virtually no upfront costs
HARD TO RESIST - letters can be discarded, phone calls ignored, but most people will answer the door
LETS YOU PRIORITIZE – You manage and evaluate and let others gather the info you need.
FIND VACANTS FAST – These are usually the best deals and most of your competition ignores them
LESS COMPETITION – very, very few investors do this, so there are literally of sea of deals waiting for you
PRIVATE - No one else knows what you are doing - and that includes your competition
YOU’LL DO MORE DEALS - there are just some deals you will get only by having some person knock on their door.
PREDICTABLE - Other real estate investor marketing methods will go in spurts, up and down, but door-to-door is very reliable
A STEADY STREAM OF HIGH QUALITY DEALS – Investors using this system are routinely getting 3-4 deals per week!

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Course Includes:

  • Module one “Training the Business Owner”
  • Module Two “Training the Manager”
  • Module Three “Training the Researcher”
  • Outsource Special Pack
  • 4 extra sets of Module Three, “Training the Researcher”, so you can out source this thing ASAP and maximize your leverage.

What You Will Learn:

  • Where to stand at the door
  • How to pay
  • How much to pay
  • When to hire a manager
  • How to hire a manager
  • Magic words to literally create interest at the door
  • How to overcome any objection
  • How to overcome the top 5 objections in record time
  • Super secret to hiring (that huge sales companies would love to know)
  • Secret method of getting telephone numbers that NEVER FAILS
  • How to put your entire real estate investor marketing program on autopilot so you can play golf
  • How to create more leads than you can handle
  • Much, much more

The door-to-door marketing training program.

InvestorWealth Special:
$1497 Complete (free shipping and handling)

And you are protected by our 365 day Ironclad Guarantee:

"Use the DOOR TO DOOR MARKETING MASTERY HOME STUDY PROGRAM to hire researchers to knock on doors and get deals for an entire year—365 days! If you decide that you are not getting the results you want for any reason, simply send them back to us and we will happily refund your complete purchase price."

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