Count Me In, Dave! I want to join your "Apartment House Riches" Bootcamp.

Let's Summarize Everything You're Getting:

I will ship all of the special bonuses immediately, so you can be fully prepared when you come to the Boot Camp.

Apartment House Riches - Home Study Course
Value: $599.00
Managing For Profits Home Study Course
Value: $599.00
Contractor Forms CD
Value: $99.00
Property Management Forms CD
Value: $99.00
"Multi-Unit Profit Finder" Software (Apartment Analyzing software)
Value: $599.00
One Year of Teleconferences with Dave
Value: $149.00
Special Report: "The 23 Most Costly Mistakes Investors Make..."
Value: $59.00
Special Report: "How To Write Simple Letters To Have An Endless Supply..."
Value: $59.00
Special Student Newsletter Subscription (free for 3 months)
Value: $49.00
Free mentoring for 90 days
Value: $2,400.00
Plus the 3-day live event with me
Value: $3,995.00
Bring Spouse, Partner or Child for Free!
Value: $3,995.00
Bonus Day 4 with Dave learning his Chunker Strategy
Value: $999.00
TOTAL VALUE: $13,700.00

All This For
Only $3495 for Your Complete Package

Let's face it, you've spent more than $3,495 or more on frivolous things that never made you a dime. I know I have. I've got a Jacuzzi spa that I spent $5,000 on and I now use it to fold and pile my laundry on. I can't remember the last time I was in it!

We've all spent our money on something crazy like that. I would have gladly taken that $5000 and invested it into education, especially if I new that I had the potential of getting a return of at least 20x my investment.

I want you to register for this event without an ounce of concern over how much it will be worth to you. It is, frankly, a somewhat "pricey" event, so I want you to have an iron-clad, unwavering confidence that you are making a wise, necessary investment for yourself and your family. So, I'm going to go way, way out on a limb for you:


Attend the entire first day and night, through to the lunch break, 2nd day. Then, if you honestly feel I have overstated the value of this event, under-delivered on my promises, disappointed you in any way... If you cannot clearly see exactly how you will make back at least 20 TIMES your investment in attending, you can quietly come to me or anyone on my staff, express your unhappiness, and you will get:

  • 100% Refund of your fee; plus...
  • Reimbursement of Your "Blocked" hotel room bill for 2 nights; plus...
  • Reimbursement of documented airfare up to another $300.00.

…and my profound apology. No hard feelings. No hassles.

You put ME on the ultimate "hot seat" to deliver like you have never been delivered to before, by any other teacher or expert, period...or you "fry me" big time.

You're Taking No Risk.

Oct 21 - 24, 2008 Las Vegas $3495

Jan 20 - 23, 2009 Orlando $3495

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To pay by check -Make check out to HomeFriend Properties, Inc. and mail to 911 Duluth Highway, Suite D3-158 Lawrenceville, GA 30043

IMPORTANT Terms & Conditions You Agree To:

You will need to print, sign and fax us your confirmation page to complete the transaction. If choosing a payment plan, your initial payment (1/2 of the total price) will process immediately, with remaining payment occuring in 30 days.

Deposits and/or fees paid in full or part are NOT refundable under any circumstances after the guarantee period. If you cease making agreed upon installments and/or cannot attend any bootcamp sessions after the guarantee period, you forfeit payments made. You specifically agree to these terms and warrant you will not request refund or credit or seek refund via your credit card company. Do Not register if you are not agreeing to these terms.