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"Who Else Wants An Extra $10,000 A Month, Part Time, With No Tenant Hassles?"


Dear Friend,

Imagine having an extra $10,000 a month coming into your home, month in and month out.

That's ten thousand dollars dropping into your bank account, whether or not you decide to get out of bed in the morning; whether or not you decide spend all day at the shopping mall...or decide to play 36 holes of golf instead of 18!

Like clockwork, month in and month out, that money still comes in! This is ecstasy!

Now imagine what you would do with that money. Would you buy a bigger home, a better car, travel around the world…. or take care of a loved one who is struggling? That's what the money has done for me!

$10,000 A Month In Less Than 14 Months

From buying and holding small apartment houses on a part time basis, I developed a system that allowed me to create a $10,000 a month passive income in less than 14 months, without getting a single call from a tenant! And I'll to teach you how to do it, too!

Does 14 months seem like a long time? Well I made an additional $10,000-$20,000 a month selling the apartment houses that I didn't keep, and I'll teach you how to do that, too!

Who Are These People Who Get Together To
Pay My Mortgage And Maintenance Expenses, And
Give Me Money To Fatten My Bank Account Each Month?

They're called "tenants".

I've always been interested in apartment houses. I like the idea that a group of people will get together (the residents) and pay my mortgage, pay for all the maintenance to keep the property looking good and to give me extra money at the end of the month to either put in the bank or to go out and have a good time with!

Seven years ago I was a struggling landscaper. I wanted a better life, but could not seem to get my act together. I tried all of the get-rich-quick schemes I saw on late-night television.

I tried and tried to make them work, but it just wasn't happening. Then one day I saw a biography about a guy in New York city who started with nothing and made a fortune buying, selling and holding apartment houses.

Simple Man Makes Fortune Buying,
Selling And Holding Apartment Houses

I decided that was what I was going to do. So I went to the bookstore and bought every book I could on buying apartments. Unfortunately, there weren't too many.

Oh, there were plenty on how to buy and sell single-family houses and I learned how to do that along the way, but I wanted the big bucks!

You see, I soon learned that buying and selling single family houses will make you money but buying, selling and holding apartment houses will make you filthy, stinking, rich!

I decided I wanted to be filthy, stinking rich so I started learning everything I could about real estate investing. As I started to apply what I learned, my life started to change…for the better.

I bought my first three-unit apartment house with a positive cash flow of $972/month with no money down (I'll tell you more about that later)! My yearly income zoomed from zero to $11,664, almost overnight.

I can't tell you how scared I was to buy that first building! My father always told me that real estate was a scam, that there was no way that little ole' me could make any money and that if I even tried, my life was heading for serious trouble.

He filled my head with all kinds of "the-sky-is-falling" scenarios each Monday night when I would go over to my Mom's for supper.

So I finally got smart and stopped talking to my father about real estate. I only talked to people who were actually doing it... and making gobs of money doing it!

I was lucky and found a mentor who had made his fortune in real estate, mostly by buying, selling and holding apartment houses. He took me by the hand and showed me the right way and the wrong ways to invest.

That doesn't mean I didn't make mistakes. Are you kidding! I made plenty of those, mostly because I didn't follow the advice of my mentor. And after I made them, I was too embarrassed to tell him about the mistakes, even thought he could have told me how to fix them!

In Three Months I Had Three Houses.
Six Months, Nine Houses...

After I got over the fear of buying that first house, within the next three months I had three more. Within six months I had nine houses. And after that first twelve months I had eleven apartment houses and almost $10,000 a month in positive cash flow!

I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my father at the end of that first year. Out of the blue he says to me "You aren't still thinking about buying real estate, are you?"

Well, my throat got dry and I swallowed hard and with one deep breath I blurted out, "As a matter of fact, Dad, I did buy a house. That worked out so well, I bought 10 more! Now I make almost $10,000 a month, just owning those houses and nothing bad has happened. As a matter of fact my life is a lot better!…"

His eyes got wide, his face went white and I thought he was going to have the Big One right then and there!

Today, my father asks ME for financial advice!

To Make The Big Dough, You've Got
To Be A Transaction Engineer

First of all, I don't just buy apartment houses; I also buy and sell lots of single family houses, for a couple of reasons. The first is that when I started investing, I had no money. I actually used a cash advance on my credit cards for the down payment on my first apartment house.

This wasn't my idea, I had gone to a seminar and the guru told us to go out and get as many credit cards as you can, get the ones without the recurring fees, and use them for your down payments. That's what I did!

How The "Chunker Method" Made Me
Wealthy And Can Do The Same For You!

I did this for my first two houses and then I ran out of credit card money. So I decided to buy single-family houses, flip them for a chunk of cash and use some of the money to pay my bills, and the other chunk to buy another apartment house (get wealthier). I call this my "Chunker Method".

Though I still needed money to buy the single-family houses, I used other people's money. I got it from partnering with people or using private money. We'll talk more about that later.

The Hidden Advantages Of Owning Apartment
Houses Vs. Single Family Houses

Why did I decide to hold apartment houses instead of single-family houses? There are many money-making reasons:

  • Cash Flow (loads of it!);
  • You can do it part time;
  • Eventually it allows you to quit your job and live better;
  • Less competition (only a few of us know how to do it right, and are willing to talk about it!);
  • A lot less risk: You don't lose all of your rent if you lose a tenant, as you would in a single-family house;
  • Tax-deferred money: Through refinancing or 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange;
  • Economies of scale: Owning six units in one building is better than owning six single-family houses. The cost to maintain them is a lot less.
  • Fast price rise in an "up" market cycle;
  • Slower price fall in a "down" cycle; and
  • Ground-floor opportunity: No one else is teaching this!

Why Cash Flow Is King!...

Let's take a look at a couple of these advantages. The first is Cash Flow. Simply put, cash flow equals freedom. The cash flow that you will get from owning apartment houses will allow you to live in the house that you want, drive the car that you want, travel to wherever you like or even take better care of a loved one or friend.

Robert Kiyosaki states in his "Rich Dad/Poor Dad" book series that everybody's goal should be to create MASSIVE PASSIVE income… meaning that, no matter what you decide to do with your time each day, that passive income keeps coming in! Not surprisingly, Kiyosaki himself did this through investing in apartment houses.

Less Risk, More Cash Flow

The other advantage is less risk. If you own a single-family house that has one tenant and a three-family house that has three tenants, if you lose the tenant in your single-family house, you've lost 100% of your income!

You're going to have to dig deep into your own pockets to pay that mortgage until you find another tenant! Then you've lost all of your profits for that entire year!

If you lose a tenant in your three-family house then you've only lost one rent check or one-third of your income. You can still pay your mortgage and get a little cash flow from the other two renters. You keep your money and actually make more.

If you had a six-family house, you would only lose one-sixth of your rent. You see how there is less risk in apartment houses? Doesn't keeping your money and making even more money sound good to you?

The Six Key Steps To Creating Wealth

Through everything that I studied and through my relationship with my wealthy mentor, I discovered that there were six key steps to creating wealth. It is these six steps to wealth that I'll focus on at the Boot Camp:

  • Finding the deals;
  • Pre-screening deals;
  • Writing offers that get accepted;
  • Raising capital;
  • Managing for profits; and
  • Knowing your exit strategies.

During the three-day Boot Camp, I'll cover each one of these topics thoroughly. I'll start by assuming that you know nothing. And with my proven techniques, by the time you finish with me on day number 3, you'll know all you need to know, to go out and do some great deals!

"Where Do You Find Those Bargain Properties?"

You'll only learn how to find the deals. I'll show you the super-low-cost marketing methods I have developed and used successfully for the past seven years.

These methods work! They are proven and will set you apart. They will make you wealthier than your competition (and your competition will soon start wondering how you keep finding all these great deals!).

How To Prescreen and Analyze At Lightning
Speed, Without Burning One Brain Cell!

You'll discover how to pre-screen and analyze the deals at lighting speed so that you're not wasting time on deals that don't have a chance of working. You'll only work on the ones that will bring you in boatloads of cash flow!

We'll separate into groups and perform case studies. You'll work in teams to analyze actual deals that I'm in the process of buying, have just bought, or have recently decided not to buy.

I'll teach you what a good deal is and how to recognize a bad deal. Watch out! I'm even going to try to trick you! I'll try to get you to buy one of the bad deals in the case studies. Don't you think that it's better to buy a bad deal in class than it is to do it in the real world? (That alone will save you 10 times the price of the boot camp!)

Heck, you can even bring in your own potential deals and we'll analyze them right in class.

We'll determine if it's a good deal and what you should offer. We'll call your seller and start the negotiating process. You may even have a signed deal waiting for you when you return home!

How To Write Offers That Get Accepted

You've found them, you've prescreened them, we've determined that we want to buy it, now I'll show you how to write offers… offers that are loaded with reasons that sellers will accept your offer.

Like any good recipe, there are always one or two tricks that separate a good cook from a bad one.

It's the same with negotiating and writing offers. I'll show you how to avoid all the traps, pitfalls and mistakes that I made before I learned how to really cook up a gourmet presentation!

I'll show you the psychological tactics that I have learned and used throughout my years that have made me (and will make you) very successful.

How To Manage Your Properties, Hassle-Free

Don't want to manage tenants? Don't! Hire a management company. I'll show you how to find the good ones.

Not worried about tenants? Good. They're really not that difficult to manage, as long as you know what you're doing.

Either way is O.K. You see, most burned-out landlords (the ones with all the tenant stories) never take the time to learn the simple methods of how to properly manage their properties. That's fine by me because burned-out landlords give me some of my best deals.

Do you think I share my property management secrets at my local landlord association? No way! That would be like stealing food right out of my mouth!

The big secret behind property management is to train your tenants before they train you! You'll learn all of my "tough but fair" management systems. (No, you don't have to be "tough" to make these systems work. The systems are tough, not you.)

Have you already decided that you're going to hire a management company? You'll discover how to manage the management company. I'll give you the four essential reports you must review every month, to ensure that your property is being managed right.

It will literally take you 15 minutes a month! Do you think you can spare 15 minutes a month to manage your massive income stream?

"But Dave, Where Am I Going To Get The Money?
I Don't HAVE Any!"

Wondering where you'll get the money to do this? You won't be wondering when you leave. First of all, you don't want to be using any of your own money. Don't have any money? Good! You won't need it to get started.

If you do have some money, that's good too. You'll be light years ahead of where I started: I began dead-broke, and in just seven years I controlled over $11,000,000 worth of property!

You will meet a gentleman who is a master at getting private money. He'll explain to you how he attracts people with money to invest, and how he gets them to give him their money at very low rates, so he can go into his deals with no money down. He'll show you how you can easily do this, too!

I'll also have at least two national lenders in the room. They'll be there to compete for your business, so when you leave the boot camp, your financing will already be in place for your first deal!

Before You Go In, You Must Know
Where The Most Profitable Exit Is!

There are four exit strategies that you will be using when you purchase apartment houses. They are:

1. Sell for a boatload of money! 2. Keep for massive passive cash flow; 3. 1031 Exchange for tax-deferred money; and 4. Die. Nobody gets out of here alive! (joke!)

Before you sit down and sign your name at a closing, you'll know exactly what your most profitable exit strategy will be for that particular property. Sometimes you'll just want to flip the property for the short term, get a big check and go out and go wild! Life's short….Live it!

Or you can do a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange and explode your wealth! This means that you sell your property and use all of the equity to buy a bigger property without paying current taxes on that equity!

This Is The IRS-Approved Tax Code
They Don't Want You To Know About!

The I.R.S Code 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange allows you keep more of your money (instead of giving it to the tax man!) for your next property, so now you can buy a bigger property. And bigger properties produce bigger cash flows!

Did you catch the significance of this? Since the tax man hasn't taken his chunk, your deposit for your next property comes out of your equity, not from your pocket! Do you think that you might become filthy, stinking, rich--Quickly--if you were to do a few of these?

It took me five years to collect 105 apartment units. These units were in 33 apartment houses. In the last 2 years, using 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, I've exploded that figure to 628 units. Now my cash flow is HUGE!

I'll show you how you can easily do it, too!

Here Are Some Special Bonuses That You'll
Get When You Come To The Boot Camp:

#1 I want you to be successful, so anyone who attends the Boot Camp will receive a FREE 90-Day Mentoring Certificate. I will mentor you by fax, phone or e-mail for 90 solid days from when you receive all my materials. This way, I can personally give you help right away—and tailored to your specific needs—to become wealthy while investing in apartments!

Some teachers charge $1,000 a month ($12,000 a year) for this type of mentoring and handholding. For you, a Boot Camp attendee, it will be absolutely FREE!

#2 Here is a rare opportunity that I only offer to Boot Camp grads… the opportunity to do special partnership deals. Here's how it works:

  1. You come to my 3-day boot camp and I'll train you to become fully versed in apartment house investing. You'll learn the business inside & out!
  2. Go home and find yourself a great big deal where the numbers might frighten you a little…(You don't need any help on the little ones).
  3. Call me at the office and we will go through the step-by-step analysis to determine if it's really a good deal or not. That's right, you'll not just fax or e-mail me. You will talk with me personally, and together we will go through and analyze your deals to make sure that you are making maximum wealth. I will be at your side!
  4. On three-way calls, we negotiate your deal and even tape the conversations for you to review later.
  5. We close the deal and split the profits.
  6. You smile at the bank teller as you drop that chunk of money into your bank account!

#3 Then I turn around and rebate you not only your tuition on the boot camp, but TWICE your tuition!. How's that for making this an easy decision for you? (Of course, the rebate applies to partnership deals only.)

#4 It even gets better! I'm willing to pay up to $500 of your travel expenses just to get you to the event!

#5 I want you to be fully prepared before you come to the Boot Camp, so you can hit the ground running. Therefore, I'll send you the following material:

Apartment Houses Riches Manual - This is the home study course. In this system you'll discover:

  • Where the good deals are hiding;
  • How to determine market cycles, and what strategies to use at any particular point;
  • A simple formula to prescreen any deal;
  • Tough-but-fair management techniques;
  • The basics of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges;
  • No-money-down financing techniques;
  • The keys to successful negotiating;
  • How to sell for maximum dollars; and
  • How to buy in the right entities.

These are the basic skills that are good to learn before you come to the Boot Camp. (But don't worry if you don't have time beforehand to study; I'm very thorough at the Boot Camp.) When we're together, I'll take you to the next level and give you the ability to explode your wealth at a much faster rate.
$895.00 value

Apartment House Riches Forms CD - All of the forms, letters, leases, applications, management forms and due diligence checklists (over 28 of them) that are in the course are on this CD. Simply print out the forms and use them over and over again.
$99.00 value

Multi-Unit Profit Finder" Software - No one else has this software I developed to analyze deals more quickly! Simply input the numbers and the software tells you whether or not you have a deal. With this software you'll be able to analyze at lightning speed!
$599.00 value

Special Report "The 23 Most Costly Mistakes Investors Make And How To Avoid Them" - I made most of these mistakes because I didn't know any better. Making those mistakes cost me ten of thousands of dollars.

You get to start by standing on my shoulders. The mistakes are all right here, ready for you to read and avoid! This report is invaluable! I sell it to my old students for $59.00.

Special Report: "How To Write Simple Letters To Have An Endless Supply Of Motivated Sellers Call You" - In my Apartment House Riches Home Study Course, I give you the 7 letters that I have created, tested and proven to get the phone to ring nonstop with motivated sellers.

In this report I tell you about the little-known marketing secrets I used to create these reports and how you can, too! This report is sold to my old students for $59.00.

Let's Summarize Everything You're Getting:

I will ship all of the special bonuses immediately, so you can be fully prepared when you come to the Boot Camp.

Apartment House Riches - Home Study Course



Apartment House Riches Forms CD



"Multi-Unit Profit Finder" Software (Apartment Analyzing software)



Special Report: "The 23 Most Costly Mistakes Investors Make..."



Special Report: "How To Write Simple Letters To Have
An Endless Supply..."



Free mentoring for three full months



Plus the 3-day live event with me








All This For Only $3,995
(before $500 Airline ticket discount)

Your Discounted Price Is $3,495;
Plus Bring A Spouse Or Child For Free!

The Boot Camps fill up FAST.

Let's face it, you've spent more than $3,495 on frivolous things that never made you a dime. I know I have. I got a Jacuzzi spa that I spent $4,000 on, and I now use it to fold and pile my laundry on. I can't remember the last time I was in it!

We've all spent our money on something crazy like that. I would have gladly taken that $3,500 and invested it in education, especially if I new that I had the potential of getting a return of at least 20 times my investment.

Why Would I Give Away My Hard-Earned
Information For Such A Low Price?

I must be CRAZY! Why would I give up all of this valuable information, worth well over $8,106.00 and take valuable time out of my busy schedule (time I could be using to nail down more big deals) to teach my secrets to people who I really don't know that well? Simple…

I Want You As My Partner

I'm buying apartment houses all around the United States. No matter how much marketing I do, I can't cover every nook and cranny of this great country. But I know there are dozens and dozens of good deals out there on any given day.

I want to train people to do business like I do business--with honesty and integrity, and with the ability to make money hand-over-fist. I want to partner with my master students.

Remember, when we close our first deal, I plan on cheerfully handing you back a check for twice the amount of your Boot Camp tuition!

Now, you don't have to partner with me at all. You could keep all the money on your first deal. That's OK, too. (Of course you understand I can't rebate you without being your partner.)

Regardless, either way you win!

I want you to register for this event without an ounce of concern over how much it will be worth to you. It is, frankly, a somewhat "pricey" event, so I want you to have an iron-clad, unwavering confidence that you are making a wise, necessary investment for yourself and your family. So, I'm going to go way, way out on a limb for you:


100% Satisfaction GuaranteedAttend the entire first day and night, through to the lunch break, 2nd day. Then, if you honestly feel I have overstated the value of this event, under-delivered on my promises, disappointed you in any way...If you cannot clearly see exactly how you will make back at least 20 TIMES your investment in attending, you can quietly come to me or anyone on my staff, express your unhappiness, and you will get:

  • 100% Refund of your fee; plus...
  • Reimbursement of Your "Blocked" hotel room bill for 2 nights; plus...
  • Reimbursement of documented airfare up to another $300.00.

…and my profound apology. No hard feelings. No hassles.

You put ME on the ultimate "hot seat" to deliver like you have never been delivered to before, by any other teacher or expert, period...or you "fry me" big time.

You're Taking No Risk.

On that basis, you'd have to be crazy to miss this Boot Camp and not take advantage of everything I've laid out in this letter.

Oh Yeah! Here's another incentive, the Boot Camp is 100% tax deductible*. Uncle Sam will reward you for attending the Boot Camp by deducting the tuition of the Boot Camp directly off your income!

*Talk to your tax advisor about the deductibility of educational expenses.

I'll make it even simpler for you to get in. I'll allow you to split the payments into 3 easy payments as long as you fill out the fax/mail-in order form (see link below) authorizing us to charge the second and third installments at 30 and 60 days out, and you have at least two valid credit cards.

So let's get you in, before it's too late... Seating is very limited.

You gotta jump right now!

To register NOW before all the seats are gone, click on the order button below. Registration by fax or mail is also available.

Hope to see YOU at my next boot camp, so I can turn around and send you home armed and dangerous, ready, able, committed and certain to make an absolute awe-inspiring boatload of money investing in apartment houses.


Dave Lindahl's signature
Dave Lindahl

P.S. At the Boot Camp I'm going to show you a technique I used that will guarantee me a check for at least $1.1 million. More importantly, you're going to be amazed at how simple it will be for YOU to do!

P.P.S. The Boot Camp if filling up fast. They're ALWAYS completely sold out in advance, with dozens on a waiting list. To receive your bonuses worth over $8,106.00 you must act now! The last 18 seats will go on a first-come, first-serve basis. When the seats are gone, you'll have missed out on an incredible opportunity to create MASSIVE PASSIVE income, investing in apartments.

If you don't do it now, when? What does your tomorrow look like if you don't change today? Register today!

P.P.P.S. - Come to the Boot Camp. Stay until lunch on the second day. If you've been disappointed in any way, if you can't see yourself making 20x your investment in the Boot Camp, then come see me and I will refund your money, plus pay your "blocked" hotel room for two nights, plus give you back up to $300 in verifiable airfare. No hard feelings, no hassles, we still remain friends.


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