Dave Lindahl

Dave Lindahl, Apartment Investing ExpertDavid Lindahl has earned his fortune in apartment investing. He has combined all of his expertise and experience into his course, Apartment House Riches, to teach rising investors how to buy an apartment building and begin their journey to apartment investing success and financial freedom.

Dave Lindahl’s turn-key system teaches rising investors how to buy an apartment building and
start on the road to investing success and financial freedom through innovative apartment and multi-
family property management strategies.

Starting out as a struggling landscaper with no experience in construction, Dave began his real estate investment career in property rehabbing, collecting enough capital to buy his first real estate investment apartment building. To get the money for down payments, Dave would rehab single family houses and resell in order to buy more apartment buildings.

Today, Dave has realized amazing success in apartment investing, rehabbing more than 470 houses in less than 8 years and owning more than 625 apartment units.

David Lindahl has become a highly sought after instructor, teaching investors how to buy an apartment building and start themselves on the way to investment success. Within the first 14 months of Dave’s apartment investing career, his apartment buildings created a positive cash flow of more than $10,000 a month for him and his family. Now David travels the country teaching investors the keys to his real estate investment apartment success.

David Lindahl has earned more than a million dollars renovating houses for resale, and owns over 628 apartment units with a monthly cash flow equaling what most people make in a year! You can learn how to buy an apartment building and experience the same level of success as Dave with his step-by-step course.

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