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Donna Bauer teaches How to Buy Real Estate Notes at a Discount
Donna Bauer

Buy Real Estate Notes at Big Pre-Foreclosure Discounts without the competition!

Get BIG Discounts on Pre-foreclosure
real estate without competition
from other investors

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I implemented two strategies within 90 days. I made $395,700 on the first deal and $40,000 on the second. - - P.T. Fort Collins, CO

From Michelle


How would you like to crack the code to buy real estate notes and get big Pre-foreclosure discounts on homes – even with no equity, and not have to go thru the hassle of the short sale process with it’s mountains of paperwork and months of tedious and frustrating negotiations?

You can by learning how to buy real estate notes at discounted rates.

This should be the holy grail of preforeclosures investors - yet few investors even know about it, let alone how to do it. And this is good news for you.

Stunning Profits

Every investor knows that foreclosures are epidemic and that people are making $10,000’s cashing in on these deals. But most of us also know that the competition for these deals is intense, and going through a short sale with the bank while getting the homeowner to cooperate can be a real hassle.

Now there’s a way to buy real estate notes and do these same deals without the competition and a ton of paperwork from the homeowner, and while still make a stunning profit.

This is the world of buying real estate notes at deeply discounted, pre-foreclosure rates. Wouldn’t you like to know how to make tremendous profits on defaulted (non-performing) real estate notes?

Insider Secrets Greases the Skids

Would you like to sit at the feet of a master investor who buys real estate notes at these discounted rates for a living? Donna Bauer is the nation’s leading authority on how to buy real estate notes at these pre-foreclosure discounts. For nearly two decades, Donna’s exclusive note buying strategies have produced stunning results regardless of economic conditions.

We’ve asked Donna to share her inside secrets that will give you an unfair advantage over all your competition, including:

How find the right notes and take control
Who to talk to at the lender and how to get them to agree to your terms (it’s quite different from a short sale)
Multiple strategies for every situation to turn that note into a large cashflow or a huge chunk of cash.

You can make enough money to insure your financial security without ever dealing with tenants or toilets.

Comprehensive and Specific Information...

Donna Bauer is one of those rare teachers who supplies the student with comprehensive and specific information on how to actually do the business. She is woman of utmost integrity. She delivers as promised!

- John T., Austin, TX

Banks Want you to Do This

For example, here’s an insider secret that will separate you from the crowd of investors looking for short sales:

Banks don’t want non-performing notes, and they really don’t want the property back through foreclosure. They even have a special department—you won’ t have to waste your time with overworked, non-comprising loss mitigators.

And, you’ll have many more profitable exit strategies for taking home a huge wad of cash to a long-term high-return cashflow going tax-free into your IRA.

Here’s Your Own Private Goldmine
of Untapped Wealth

If you keep on doing the same thing every one else is doing, you’re going to get the same results. Here’s something different that probably less than 1 in a hundred investors even know about, let alone do. You’ll learn

how it’s easier to get homes at a small fraction of the market value, and much easier than a short sale.
the many options you have for profiting from a discounted note transaction from quick profits, to big cashflows and even bigger profits.
And much, much more. . .

Millionaire in Less than a Year…

I’ve closed ten deals so far and made a minimum of $100,000 on each one. Donna Bauer’s system made me a millionaire in less than a year.

- J.S., New York City

How to buy real estate notes for 40 to 70 cents on the dollar,

This system creates killer discounts. Don’t have any money—no problem. You’ll learn where to find an almost unlimited source of funds for your deals.

How to put $10,000 in your pocket in the next 30 days!

You’ll learn Powerful marketing strategies that will have you cherry picking the best deals. And it’s a system. Just follow the step by step instructions. Including what to say, the forms to use, and how to get the deal to the closing table.

How put a million dollars in your IRA without paying a dime in taxes!

Never worry about your retirement again – with the blessing of the US Treasury Department. And here’s the awesome power of compounding. Tax-free income and accumulation can effectively multiply your return 10 fold!

How to negotiate with banks and structure airtight deals like a seasoned pro!

You’ll know what say, the forms to use, and you’ll have the respect of a complete professional. Respect, as the song says is worth a lot, and you’ll enjoy it.

How to safely and legally build wealth while protecting your assets!

No matter what your level of experience, building wealth is more than a matter of making money. You also need to protect it from the inevitable predators. You’ll know the asset protection structures, and forms to keep your hard earned cash safe, secure and growing.

No Landlording

This is a business about making money with paper—literally. Forget about tenants and toilets. You’ll enjoy all the security and high returns of real estate investing without the headaches of landlording.

All without using your own money or credit!

That’s right – even if you’re just getting started. Even if you credit is ugly. Even if you have more month than money. You’ll know how to scoop up the great deals, and you’ll know where to find the money—indeed it will come running to you.

If you've been looking for a better way to build wealth, this is for You.


Here’s What you Get

The Real Estate Note Buyer's Master Guide to buying discounted real estate notes

Master GuideGet all the tools you’ll ever need to buy performing notes, or “good paper,” at tremendous discounts. You get the best of both worlds with good paper—stunning returns and the security of real estate.  All without having to own a single piece of property! Donna’s life changed forever when she bought her first performing note. Yours will, too!

  • Put $10,000 in your pocket in the next 30 days without using any of your own cash or credit!

  • Quickly and safely build impressive cash flows from scratch!

  • Build a million-dollar IRA tax free, starting with as little as $1,000!

  • Become a real estate millionaire without the headaches of managing property!

System features:

  • 400-page manual

  • 7 hours of instruction by Donna Bauer on audio CD

  • Library of custom forms and legal documents in hard copy and CD-ROM

       “I implemented two of Donna’s strategies within 90 days . . .
      I made $395,700 on the first deal and $40,000 on the second.”

                                                             —P.T. Fort Collins, CO

Note Buying, the Ultimate Short Sale
How To Cash In On The Booming Pre-Foreclosure Market!

Short SaleLearn how to build your personal fortune in the booming pre-foreclosure market! You’ll receive comprehensive instruction on acquiring properties through both short sales and buying defaulted notes from banks—a niche strategy that is Donna’s trademark. Buying the note gives you complete control over your deals and empowers you to legally close those “impossible” deals that other investors walk away from. As you’ll soon discover, note buying really is the ultimate short sale!

  • Acquire properties for 40 to 70 cents on the dollar!

  • Put 10, 20, even $30,000 in your pocket in the next 60 days!

  • Close high-profit deals that other investors can’t!

  • All without using a dime of your own money!

System features:

  • 140-page manual

  • 5 hours of instruction by Donna Bauer on audio CD

  • Library of custom forms and legal documents on CD-ROM

  • Interview with bank loss mitigation officer on audio CD

“I’ve closed over ten deals and made a minimum of $100,000 on each one.
Donna Bauer’s system made me a millionaire in less than a year!”

—J.S., New York City

These home study courses are regularly $999 each. But with this special offer, you get one absolutely free!

That’s right, for only $999 you get both of these phenomenal learning systems!

And Your Bonuses!

Continuing Education Class - Donna Bauer personally teaches a 90-minute audio class every month. You can listen online, download to your computer, or subscribe to Donna’s Podcast. You also get unlimited access to previous classes. Hours and hours of instruction will be available to you immediately!  We’re giving you access to these classes FREE for 1 full year. That’s a $600 value at no cost to you!

1 Year of Personal Coaching - Donna offers continuous phone and email support, deal review, and more for students.


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No Excuse

Now I have no excuse for not becoming wealthy.

- Jim G., Temple Hills, MD

Our Guarantee
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Best of Success,


Michelle Odessey


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