Greg Dorriety

Greg Dorriety teaches investors to make money in real estate by creating a bankruptcy investing goldmine. By employing his guaranteed and proven methods for purchasing bankrupt properties, investors have reaped thousands in profits in this lucrative niche market!

Greg Dorriety, Bankruptcy and Investing Expert

Greg Dorriety and his wife Donna are full time real estate investors who make money in real estate in numerous investing niches. Specializing in the field of bankruptcy and investing, they are highly sought after experts whose courses help aspiring investors learn to make money in real estate with bankruptcies and foreclosures.

William Gregory Dorriety (Greg) graduated from Auburn University in 1984 with a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering. Although he quickly became successful in his corporate ventures, he made his fortune applying his intelligence to the lucrative field of bankruptcy and investing.

Now, Greg and his wife invest in pre-foreclosure homes, homes in bankruptcy, foreclosed homes, new construction homes, "junkers", rentals, mobile homes, and also do a fair amount of "subject to" homes.

While Greg pursues other investments such as private lending, the stock market, insurance and estate planning, his favorite wealth builder is single family homes. Greg and Donna Dorriety have helped numerous rising investors learn to make money in real estate by sharing the secrets they have discovered in each of these investment markets.

Greg and Donna Dorriety have a phenomenally successful real estate investment business, primarily focusing on bankruptcy and investing. They enjoy real estate seminars where they teach investors how to make money in real estate, as well as self-education, reading, travel, and most of all, real estate investing.

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