Learn Real Estate Foreclosure Investing Strategies Employed by the Experts!Real Estate Investing Secrets to Make You Money!

Master Investors Who Have Made
Their Fortune Buying and Selling
Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosures and
REO’s Reveal Their Little Known Real Estate Investing Secrets
for Making Great High-Profit Deals

Move forward by building wealth through real estate foreclosure investing. Learn the real estate investing secrets that master investors use in their business everyday to amass an incredible fortune in real estate. In these interviews, Michelle pulls no punches, and asks probing questions to expose the little known tips and techniques that can make you rich.

Vol 1: Master the 3 Pillars of Real Estate Foreclosure Investing
1 Donna Dorriety gives you practical from the trenches advice on doing pre-foreclosure deals from acquisition to sale.
2 Greg Dorriety will show you how you can really make big profits if your seller declares bankruptcy. You can have these deals all to yourself since all the other investors run the other way when they hear the ‘B’ word!
3 Make a bundle on the property even if the seller owes more than the house is worth! Mark Sumpter shares with you his proprietary short sale system.
Vol 2: Where and How to Get the Money. How many great deals could you do if you always could get your hands on all the money you needed. Learn how to do ‘nothing down’ deals by using other people’s money. Master the techniques in this volume and you’ll never lack the funds to do those killer deals.
1 Get the seller to make you a no-interest, no-payment loan. Barney explains this and other strategies of creative deal making.
2 Borrow large sums of money even if you have no credit. Dyches Boddiford, one of the most brilliant investors we know on deal financing and protecting your hard dollars will explain the ins and outs of hard money and private money borrowing.
3 How would you like to have a $5 million line of credit at the bank that you can draw upon whenever you need it. Donna Fox started out as a debt-ridden law student, bought her house with no credit and built with Paulie Sabol a multi-million dollar real estate business. Donna and Paulie are sharing their secrets for obtaining unlimited financing.
Vol 3: Finding motivated sellers is the key to making great deals and big fortunes
1 Listen to Richard Roop as he explains how to make your phone ring off the hook with a system Richard uses to close 3-4 deals every month.
2 Also hear Dan Doran, the Marketing Man. Dan has developed the most effective system—bar none to get deals from people facing foreclosure. Dan will reveal how he trains others to bring him incredible deals with no cost to him. Dan’s students have used his system to generate 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars!
3 And then, listen in to a marketing discussion with some of your creative fellow investors sharing their successful real estate investing secrets with Michelle.

John Dessauer’s specialty and expertise includes investing and profiting in multi-family housing units, through a VERY unique, very profitable and very "SECRET" strategy that he developed personally and no one else is teaching in investing! He has proven it time and time again in his own investments. For example, through innovative and creative investing techniques that he developed, John turned this company into a million dollar business in just over a year. Here's what you are going to learn from John:

  • How to Find Key Properties That Have HUGE profit potential
  • How to write creative offers that make you the most money
  • How to negotiate
  • Where to find all the financing you'll need to get your multi units
  • Property Management Made SIMPLE
  • Establishing your Exit Strategy so you lock in the most profit
  • The Secret you must know to increase the value the property!

'Coach Don' McAvinchey has been a life and success coach for 6 years and has been counseling people for the last 38 years. His clientele span North America and span professions including real estate investors. And tonight you get to talk to him one-on-one.

We have been clients of Coach Don for just about 3 years and, we can tell you, with the goals that we've set and the stress we put on ourselves to reach them - from time to time we run right into ourselves. Yet, with very specific and targeted conversations with and direction or roadmap from Coach Don, 'WE' come out on top every time.

Coach Don will present ideas that will surprise you, that will illuminate your greatest strengths and show you your untapped potentials! You will discover:

  • What is really getting in your way in fulfilling your goals and desires
  • How to go through those blocks, and make them disappear altogether.
  • How to develop your greatest vision for what success truly means to you, in all of your life
3 How would you like to put $12,000 in your pocket in 30 days, and another $39,000 three weeks later. Heather Seitz & Stacy Holder did. And now you have the opportunity too! Listen to Heather and Stacy explain how they take the challenge and risk out of rehabbing and make a profit every time.

Every Investor has to worry about getting sued. Tenants are famous for doing stupid things and blaming it on you. The pathetic thing is that if they get to court the judge can decide against you no matter how right you are. And you can lose Everything you own! Attorney Amia Adonai who works with JJ Childers (Investorwealth’s ASK our Attorney) will explain

  • Land Trusts, Trustees,
  • LLC’s, Corporations,
  • how to hold title,
  • asset protection, and how to hide behind the corporate shield and
  • how keep your hard earned out of the hands of tenants and a ravaging IRS.

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