Nick Sidoti

Nick Sidoti has made a fortune in rental property income through creative property management and innovative market penetration strategies.

By targeting little known property investment
sectors such and special needs housing, Sidoti has garnered the experience and expertise necessary to substantially increase his rental property income
while virtually avoiding competition.

Nick Sidoti

He has combined his innovative techniques into his course, the Landlord’s Guide to Special Needs Housing, to teach real estate investors the key to succeeding in niche property investing markets.

Sidoti has been a full time real estate investor since 1979, and has lectured to thousands nationwide concerning strategies for increasing rental property income for more than 20 years. He is widely recognized as the national expert on creative property management, student housing and special needs rentals, and teaches investors the secrets to expanding rental property income by entering this little-known and highly profitable niche market.

Nick Sidoti is a previous member of the National Board of Advisors for Financial Freedom Report and the founder and President of Western New York Real Estate Investors, Inc. He is Registered Apartment Manager (R.A.M.) and a Certified Property Manager (CPM).

His award-winning column “DR. CASHFLOW” discusses creative property management techniques and steps for increasing rental property income, and is featured monthly in the National Apartment Owners Association Magazine, the most widely circulated real estate investor publication in the nation. Sidoti is also regularly featured in numerous newspapers and real estate publications around the country.