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Investor Wealth’s real estate note buyer service is a one stop shop for anyone involved in real estate note investing. Whether you need to sell a real estate note or you are a real estate note buyer preparing for closing, our mortgage note buyers are ready to buy and to give investors valuable advice regarding note preparation and closing strategies.


How to Buy Real Estate Notes at Discount Rates

Pre-foreclosure real estate without competition from other investors and without dealing with loss mitigators

How would you like to crack the code to getting big Pre-foreclosure discounts on homes – even with no equity, and not have to go thru the hassle of the short sale process with it’s mountains of paperwork and months of tedious and frustrating negotiations.

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Simultaneous Closings:
The Fastest Way to Profit in Real Estate!

Troy Fullwood
Troy Fullwood

by Troy Fullwood

The fastest way to make money in real estate investing is to sell when you buy through simultaneous closings. Troy Fullwood’s step-by-step course teaches investors the keys to making simultaneous closing possible, and reveals the secrets to maximizing profits on each and every deal.

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How to Find Real Estate Notes and Convert them into a Six Figure Income

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Jeff Armstrong teaches investors his proven strategies for finding real estate notes and turning them into six figure incomes. His three book series explains marketing strategies for finding real estate notes as well as the secrets for managing and profiting from the stream of notes Jeff's system is guaranteed to generate.

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