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Dear Fellow Investor,

You can buy several bargain properties each month... where you live... below market... with little or no money down. You can generate substantial profits by buying killer real estate deals without bank qualifying, without using your credit, and without tying up your cash.

In fact, I can show you several ways to collect large chucks of cash on the day you BUY a house with no money down. Now imagine doing that on properties that pay you a monthly cash flow and a hefty back-end profit. You won’t find these deals listed with agents or advertised in the paper. But they are plentiful... and the profits from buying just a few may double your entire annual income.

I’ve developed a complete, proven, step-by-step SYSTEM for building a multi-million dollar portfolio of single family homes. For over 6 years, this system has consistently brought me 3 or 4 deals each month without large down payments, without banks, without competing with other investors, and without taking big risks. And this system has worked for hundreds of other real estate investors like yourself.

Buying and selling houses while making $20,000 to $50,000 on each can be done part time or full time, and I’ll show you how to do it right. I’ve yet to find a better way to generate uncommon wealth and cash flow.

Have you been frustrated trying to find the right real estate investing plan the fits your personality... one that will move quickly toward achieving your financial goals?

Million Dollar MIND$TORMING is a full day of brainstorming with my Million Dollar Consulting clients and my Million Dollar Postcard licensees. One by one, active investors (both new and very experienced) join me upfront to share their inspiring success stories plus newly discovered strategies. We discuss what’s working best with current market conditions, tips on negotiating with buyers and sellers, systems for handling lots of calls, hiring someone to sell and manage your houses, and much more. Next, we explore their biggest challenges and then brainstorm how best to overcome them. The answers will help you reduce frustration, gain confidence and reach your goals faster. Overcome the common obstacles you might be facing as a real estate entrepreneur and gain an incredible advantage.

Million Dollar MIND$TORMING was professionally recorded and is now available on 6 audio CDs and 4 videos for $297.00 or $177.00 for audio CDs only. The content is same on both audio and video. Either way, I’ll throw in a FREE BONUS. It’s a quirky little book that helped me increase my income by over $500,000. We talk about a few times during the program so I want you to have a copy.


Richard Roop

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