Start Earning Serious Cash -
And Let Wholesaling Houses Be
Your Key To Financial Freedom!

Dear Fellow Investor,

If you are serious about creating true wealth in real estate then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

I believe, in order for you to truly succeed in real estate must first solve your most basic need - CASH FLOW! You must shift the paradigm and you can do it by implementing a system that consistently puts deposits in your bank account month after month.

Hi, my name is Scott Rister,

I’m a real estate entrepreneur just like you. In my first year of wholesaling I put together over 70 wholesale transactions in just my first year wholesaling houses that earned me a lot of money. I want to show you how …

You Too Can Accomplish The Same - And Very Soon!

How can you start generating all that business?


I’ll provide you with a complete turn-key system consisting of precise instructions of what to do to make sure your have consistent deals each month generating you cash from the many profit centers outlined with my wholesaling techniques.

This is a no-holds barred guerilla system like no other for real estate investors wanting to take their business to the next level and beyond. I promise, if you earnestly follow it, you’ll become so excited with the profitable results – you’ll literally be able to make this a sole source of income supporting your personal needs and emotional dreams of where you want to be in life.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason One: Probably just like you at one time, I used to focus on all the "creative" buying techniques. I’d scan through the newspaper, call on the phone, talk to a bunch of people trying to convince them to accept my terms, etc. …but they wouldn’t.

Dealing with un-motivated sellers and dead-end deals was like beating my head against the wall. Perhaps, just like you, I only read about others doing lucrative transactions by dozens.

It all changed for me when my focus in real estate shifted to making CASH NOW WHOLESLAING HOUSES! Literally overnight I started making the type of money I deserved and was picking and choosing those deals that soon became an “auto-pilot” cash-flow system for making money.

Reason Two: My course is a complete series of systems that is not put together by someone who deals in theory. Nothing could be farther from the truth! In fact, if you were in my market place, you’d be seeing me day in, day out doing deals while you’d be scratching your head trying to figure out where and how I got all these profitable deals.

Reason Three: The reason my program will work for you is that I have built in MANY profit centers around wholesaling houses making your reason for guaranteed success simple: you can pick and choose to implement wholesaling techniques that work best for YOU, YOUR level of confidence/comfort, and YOUR level of enthusiasm to make serious money.

One thing is for sure - whether you're a brand new beginner operating on a shoe-string budget and a corporate job, or an experienced real estate investor with a “sell-out” approach - I most definitely have specific cutting-edge tools for you that are guaranteed to drive the cash flow of your real estate business to success.

Here is What You’ll Get With My Complete Program

The #1 marketing technique that is my “BIG SECRET” on where to find wholesale opportunities – month after month and year after year!
“Forms” disk just packed full of 27 documents without a doubt geared for you the wholesale investor to start making some serious cash.
Where to absolutely find all the buyers for your wholesale deals you can handle no matter what the profit margin, area, or investing criteria that come your way.

Discover the largest source of wholesale deals -- Independent Sellers and becoming the “only game in town” –lack of competition is a great thing!
Learn how my Ultimate Wholesale Communicator system will get deals out to your buyers through mail, fax, phone, e-mail --- all within 15 minutes!
Find out the absolute hottest real estate technique you’ll come across that marries up subject-to’s and wholesaling----Wholesaling Properties With Underlying Mortgages.
Learn one of the greatest profit center techniques wholesaling you will ever come across in my proven approach simply titled Wholesaling Backwards!
Don’t you dare settle for birddog fees finding great deals! Learn how to convert finding deals to checks with your name on it.
You’ll learn my Be The Bank program which is your cure for buyers funding deals and getting you paid with some serious cash.
Find out why you don’t need credit to make money wholesaling and you get paid for your creativity.
Get the absolute real scoop on everything associated with earnest money in wholesaling houses with independent sellers, Realtors, and your wholesale buyers.
In my system you’ll learn contractual contingencies and how to get maximum use from them.
I’ll cover in detail seller objections and how to handle on that will get your offers accepted and get you closer to payday!
You’ll learn about contract assignments and simultaneous closings and how to maximize for your greatest profit potential.

I’ll share all my “secret” negotiation techniques uniquely designed for wholesaling houses.
I’ll teach you how to turn stacks of rejected offers into a consistent flow of motivated sellers for your wholesale deals.
I’ll share with you the absolute truth about wholesaling being a “people” business and how to assemble your winning team members.
You’ll learn to quickly analyze property repairs in a matter of minutes to determine how profitable your next payday will be.
Get ready because I will be taking you all the way through wholesale deals with existing financing that others would give a second glance…..but you will and all the way to your bank account!
You’ll learn one of the most elementary profit centers in wholesaling by just WHO you know, and not necessarily what you know. Don’t miss this one!
Find out why Ethics in wholesaling go hand-in-hand with short-term and long-term profitability.
Be able to negotiate effectively with seller no matter if they are sitting across the kitchen table from you or in another state. You’ll just be prepared for all situations.
Find out the absolute best method to develop a quality buyer’s list that pays you over and over in properties sold each month.
These little known ways to make someone else the “bad guy” in negotiating will put you in a continual position of control.
Find out what it’s like being the only game in town, or seemingly from your seller’s perspective.
You’ll get all the information on quick and proven methods to develop comparable sales analysis of subject properties.
In just one of the profit centers I teach, many investors will be contacting YOU to wholesale and move their properties…….for a fee that let’s just say, “makes it worth your while”!
Get the REAL scoop on dealing with MLS properties and how to effectively wholesale properties with the pros.
I’ll share my concept and implementation of Drafting Your Team Players so you can spend your time making as many deals possible while others handle the details. MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME!
You’ll learn my Property Primer approach to get the most for each and every deal by learning how to knock off a few rough edges for your buyer to see the true potential.
I’ll share with you in detail how to evaluate repairs and calculate offers….within 15 minutes!! As many deals as you’ll be wholesaling, this will be a invaluable skill I’ll help you develop.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why can you do all those things. Is it really possible?

Let me explain.

You simply must start having ALL the profit centers in wholesaling that I teach as part of your overall “arsenal” of weapons in real estate investing. Every investor needs sure-fired ways to consistently generate significant cash month in and month out and year after year.

Your time is much more valuable than chasing dead-end deals and so called techniques that are just theories of what may work in real estate. I don’t just lead you to the water to drink……I literally put the cup in your hand and ask you to drink your fill of true wealth in real estate which is cold hard cash!

Do NOT Buy A Real Estate Wholesaling Course
Unless It Meets The Following 6 Criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the area of wholesaling. I often come across educational materials that contain old ideas re-hashed in a different way instead of providing a real estate entrepreneur with the complete wholesaling system for getting a ton of business.

I want to give you 6 criteria, or elements you absolutely, positively must have in a wholesaling system. Don’t buy courses produced by cheap imitators who don’t provide you with at least these 6 things:

One: Multiple ways to make significant cash wholesaling. I challenge you to find ANY material that remotely covers the amount of profit center topics that I explain in detail.

Two: Ideas that have "real world" applications for “real world” investors, not just some marketing theory. I don’t deal in generalities…..I TEACH in practicality!!!

Three: An absolute wealth of forms (all on disk), contracts, and examples explained in plain English, easy to understand, but most importantly it’s extremely profitable to implement.

Four: Maybe the only marketing technique for wholesale deals that you may ever need. My system just keeps producing deals month and year after year.

Five: Superior negotiation techniques and seller/buyer objection answers to insure that the “no” turns into “yes” and the possible becomes profitable---deal after deal!

Six: A complete communication system that will simplify and accelerate your success in wholesaling houses.

Just How Well Can This System Work For You?

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor, or a person just starting out, you may be wondering how well my system could work for you.

It’s hard to say, as individual results will vary depending on your commitment level and the effort you put forth on implementing these powerful strategies.

But one thing is certain – the system I’m about to offer you WORKS!

It’s been extremely effective for me as I am out there in the “trenches” just like you day in day out making the deals happen. The exact techniques I outlined in detail are the same ones that make me quick cash each month.

If you use it…

You’ll Get At Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth!

Any other so-called "comparable" material could easily sell for a double, or even triple of what I am offering my complete system for. In fact they do. And many, many investors who actually purchased my system thought I’d be crazy to even offer this material at this price (see comparable testimonials above)!

Of course, if you decide to invest in this system - you’ll also be getting 300+ pages of no-fluff material that is just “meat and potatoes” of how things work in the real world of wholesaling properties.

Think about the countless hours of time you’ll save by using this series of systems to locate your deals, negotiate for maximum profit, and execute deal to your final buyers. Just think of what you could do earning $2,000-$10,000 a deal with this system just being a PART of your income each month.

However, I believe the greatest value of the material is in the fact that I’m offering you a Solve Your Cash Problems Today! Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a steady stream of cash being deposited in your bank account each and every month?

By using it, you’ll get the “Keys To The Kingdom” in the profitable world of wholesaling houses. No more waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You now will be pro-active in taking control of your financial destiny starting with your monthly cash flow income.

In Summary, Here's What You Get:

You will receive:

A. The Comprehensive Manual that is jam-packed with countless creative and proven wholesaling techniques that are realistic and applicable to your real estate business.

B. All the forms, contracts, and documentation to insure that you’re hit the ground running with the bona fide “right” way to wholesale houses. I won’t insult your intelligence with sub-standard “bonuses” to fill this offer. This material is absolutely jam packed with my experiences and knowledge as a true wholesaler.

You will be guaranteed to find many, many bonuses that you just wouldn’t expect in every section, chapter, paragraph and sentence of this material!

... So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses!"

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