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T.J. Marrs, Expert in Creative Finance, Debt and Equity Financing

The Secret Wealthy People Use to Achieve Financially Freedom

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What if You could Achieve Financial Freedom in the next Few Years without Spending an extra Dime?

Learn this Truly Novel Breakthrough in Debt and Equity Financing and You Can Achieve Your Financial Freedom

And Use Creative Finance to Beat the Banks at their own Game

The Financial Treadmill

Do you get a queasy feeling in your stomach each month when you sit down to write those big checks to your mortgage company and your credit card companies? And those credit card bills—don’t they seem to be more than you expected or hoped for?

For most homeowners, the payments on their mortgage loan is their biggest monthly expense. In fact, it’s even worse, since most of this expense is payment of interest. For a typical $200,000 home, which is owned for 7 years (average ownership time for homes), the homeowner will have paid out almost $112,000, and still owe the bank over $182,000! Ouch.
Does it seem like you’re just going to work each day to pay off your debts? This is the financial treadmill most Americans are on.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The problem is not that you have debt—the problem is how you pay it off. It our upcoming teleseminar, learn will learn a truly novel new discovery in debt and equity financing that you can apply to your personal debts and your investments. In fact, we are going to show you a new way of doing things that will eliminate these debts forever.

Saves $149,000 in Interest
“Thanks so much for introducing me to this program.  I am so excited about how much I am going to be saving.I am going to be able to get out from under a 30 year mortgage in 6.7 years and save a whopping $149,000 in interest. Not only that but just the first month alone I will be paying more than 3 times down on the principal using the Living Free and Clear method over conventional financing. That in and of itself more that paid for the program.On top of all that, I know of a ton of people who will also be interested in paying off their debt and not incur more expenses. What a great way of helping other people and making extra income in my spare time”. Scott S., Vancouver, WA

The Mortgage Scam

Sure, some lenders offer homeowners the opporturnity to make extra payments so the loan gets paid down a little faster. Typically, the loan will be paid off in 23 years instead of 30 years. Not much consolation, when the average homeowner sells their house within seven years. In addition, the homeowner, has to fork out more money for his mortgage payments - not something the typical household budget can stand.

This is the lending rat race. And mortgage lenders and credit card companies love it. It keeps borrowers paying large amounts of interest without ever making significant progress in paying back the principal. The lenders have created a population in essentially permanent debt. It guarantees them a permanent income (that's why they own the big buildings), and it robs you of the opportunity for a debt-free life and creating lasting wealth for you and your family.

Achieve Financial Freedom

What if you could use creative finance to pay off your mortgage and other debts, in the next 5 to 8 years, WITHOUT increasing your expenses...would you want to learn more?

Yes really...and it's NOT just one of those bi-weekly plans, stacking methods, a too good to be true debt elimination scheme, or just an extra payment method.

And you can use this debt and equity financing system to pay off any other recurring deby like credit cards, and car loans!

Spendable Cash

Think about not having a mortgage payment every month. Imagine an additional $1000 to $2500 (or more!) in Spendable Cash going into your bank account Every Month! This is real discretionary income - found money, not earmarked for other expenses.

What's that worth? – A new car?, An extra Vacation? It is certainly a boost in your lifestyle.

Creative Finance - The Power of a Line of Credit

And another big advantage you'll enjoy-your home or investment property has now become a true asset. Because now you can establish a very large credit line you can tap into whenever you want - like for buying real estate! A low interest loan is available to you at any time. No need for hard money lenders. No waiting for loan applications to be approved.

With cash available just by signing a check, you can command bottom dollar prices, for big profits. This is how the rich getter richer - and you can too.

Or you can use creative finance to become a private lender, and get high interest returns on your low interest loan. You can create another passive cashflow stream. And you can expand your line of credit as your home appreciates.

Paid Down $10,000

“I started your program in January 2006 and now in June I've already paid down $10,000 on my mortgage balance.  This system is truly amazing and I can't wait to share it with others.” Adam S., Portland, OR

The Secret the Banks really Don’t Want You to Learn

You know that banks and other lending businesses are the wealthiest institutions on the planet. That's because they make it easy to borrow, but hard to payoff. As a result, most of our mortgage payments go to interest payments, not principal.

And take a look at your credit card statement. In many cases you may be paying 20-30% interest. That's worse than a hard money lender. No wonder the credit card debt is increasing.

Wealth, Prosperity and Peace of Mind

Imagine being able to achieve financial freedom and live wealthy and free of debt while building wealth faster with free and clear real estate, for generations to come! The Living Free and Clear Lifestyle can now really happen to you, this decade, just by applying creative finance techniques to what you are already doing.

You are going to find out how to reverse this process. We are going to introduce you to A simple 3 step plan to wealth using these debt and equity financing techniques: debt acceleration, real estate investing, and advanced asset protection. Including:

  1. Learn the financial miracle of "Reverse Compounding", and how you can profit from it.
  2. How to generate a plan to rid yourself of your current debts quickly - and turn them into wealth.
  3. A much simpler way to manage your money for life on a monthly basis.
  4. The SECRETS about CREATIVE FINANCE that banks they don't want you to KNOW (here's a hint, they want you to slightly fail so they can earn even more PROFIT!)


Get Started in Less than an Hour

This simple three-step plan to wealth with debt and equity financing: debt acceleration, real estate investing, and advanced asset protection. Don't miss out on this opportunity, even if you don't believe it yet. Once you see the facts - you'll make the right choice.

And it's as simple as 1-2-3. Just watch a short video, fill out a short form with your personal situation and submit it. You will get a personal consultation from your success coach to set your plan into action immediately.

And there's no need to do any complicated math or know all the details to get started on the road to a debt-free life. Everything you need is provided.

And you can't make a mistake. If you do, your success coach will fix it right at the beginning. And if your circumstances change - readjust the plan with the help of your coach and continue.

Here's What You Get:

You Get:

2 Full Manuals - of over 150 pages explaining the creative finance theory, methods and how to implement this system customize with your own mortgage and finances

  2 Audio CDs - for those who like to listen, explaining the theory, methods and how to implement this system customize with your own mortgage and finances
  2 Software CDs – with all the forms, calculations, tables, charts & tracking tools to help you through the entire process until you are completly debt free.
  You need to plan your path to achieve financial freedom.
  Video Quick-Start Tutorial – A 25-30min video showing you what to do. You don't need to know anything-just follow the instructions and contact the service
  Your very own success coach – Fill in the simple form and contact “Living Free & Clear ”to speak to your personal representative to analyze your plan and advise you on its implementation

Special Bonuses


1. Free Software Updates
  2. Monthly Teleconferences – Get your questions answered, learn from other students, get tips and advice
  3. Pre-Qualified Lenders – special lenders covering 46 states who understand this debt and equity financing method and have customized loans to give you the means for paying off your mortgage in 5-8 years.

What is this Worth?

For a typically $200,000 loan, is likely costing you over $1,100 per month. With this debt and equity financing method you could be putting this money in your pocket instead of spending it on the bank - which you will never get back.

So, let's see--$1,100 per month for 1 year = $13,200 more $ in your account. If you stay in your home for 7 years (the average ownership time in the US), you gain $92,400. If you stay in your home long enough to payoff your entire loan, you'd gain $396,000!

So how much would you invest to eliminate that expense and put that money toward yourself or your family's pleasure and happiness? It's unbelievably less than you'd guess – click here.

Achieve Financial Freedom Now

To stop paying excess interest to the bank, and start accelerating the payoff of your mortgage and other debts as soon as possible, implement these creative finance and debt and equity financing strategies today!

Achieve your personal and family goals. It takes only minutes to create a plan that will guarantee you and your family a whole new future. You can now create real wealth inside your own home, by eliminating debt that drains you of income and opportunity.





Here's a twofold No Risk Guarantee to remove all your doubts:

  1. In the 1st 30 days after receiving your material, watch the video, fill out the form and contact the consulting service. If you don’t think you will save at least the amount of this investment in the next 12 months, return the course for a full refund.
  2. If you would like to study this method to see if it works: You have 12 months. If you can prove that the mathematical basis of this method doesn't work, call the consulting service. You get to keep the material and get a full refund.

Endorsed by CPA
“I'm know that some people doubt the authenticity of the information, but I'm a CPA and I believe that the information will allow people to live free and clear." John S., CA

Best of Success,

Michelle Odessey

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P.P.S. This creative finance method works just as well to rid yourself of those 20-30% interest credit card payments. Get Living Free & Clear - Debt and Equity Financing NOW!