Troy Fullwood, Simultaneous Closing Strategies ExpertThe Secrets of Simultaneous Closings!The fastest way to profit in real estate!

Buy and Sell Without Taking a Dime
Out of Your Own Pocket!

You Can Do This Every Time When You Know
the Secrets of Simultaneous Closings...

What's the quickest way to make a profit with real estate—whether the seller wants cash or not? This is not a trick question and the answer is obvious once I tell you: simultaneous closings!

Sell when you Buy!

You may be familiar with the concept of the Simultaneous Closing. That's you have a contract to buy a property from a seller and a buyer has a contract to buy the property from you. Now, normally you might think that do this transaction you'd have to get a loan (or come up with the cash), buy the property, and pay closing costs. Then go to another closing with your buyer and pay more closing costs and collect what's left of your profit.

Instead with a simultaneous closing the title company handles all the paper shuffling, and you can buy and sell without any money coming out of your pocket for loans and only pay your share of one set of closing costs!

Simo's without a Cash Buyer

Now, if you think about the above scenario, this works great as long as you have a buyer with cash or who is able to get a loan and bring cash to the closing table. Because you are buying from your seller with your buyer's cash.

However, what if your buyer can't get a loan, or can't get a loan in the time frame you need to close in (like short sales...). Are you out of luck.

Thanks to a great new product by Troy Fullwood, a master note dealer, the answer is No – You still can work the deal. The ABC's of Simultaneous Closings has distilled over 8 years of Troy's experience in the real estate note business. Troy put together all his tremendous knowledge in a step by step approach on how to buy and sell property using the power of notes, so you can make a profit without large chunks of your cash at risk.

A Fully-Documented, Detailed Step-by-Step System for Simultaneous Closing

Stand on Troy's shoulders as he walks you through the preparations, the documents and the details of the closing, so you can do this like an expert every time. The system Troy reveals is simple:

! Get a contract on the property
! Find a buyer you can qualify for owner financing
! At the closing table, sell the note to pay for the property and
! take your profit!

Simple Concept, but You Must Know What You are Doing

Sounds simple—and it is, once Troy's taught you his system. You'll know

! how to qualify the buyer
! what you'll get for your note before you even sit down at the closing table
! how to set up the transaction with the title company
! what paperwork to use (Troy supplies everything you'll need)
! how to calculate your profit

You can use Troy's system to buy property for no money down, even when the seller wants all cash!

What You Get

THE ABC’S OF SIMULTANEOUS CLOSINGS, is the first guide dedicated exclusively to the simultaneous closings sector of the real estate note market. This guide not only shows you how to conduct a simultaneous closing in a step-by-step process, but also provides you with the tools to help you get from point A to Z. In Troy's system, he shows you with real world, not theoretical examples, how to be successful in this exciting niche in the real estate note industry.

When purchasing this system you'll receive:

The easily 10 step process on how get a simultaneous closing funded
Proprietary information that Troy uses everyday in his office to grow his business.
How to market for simultaneous closings
Inside scoop on making sure your deal will work
How you can use the forms and info in the book to buy property and sell property.
Over 20 legal forms need for a Simultaneous closing on CD.
Template of a Note and Mortgage for convenience (Troy usually charges $250 per file to prepare these for clients and now you can to.)

These are the tried and true techniques that Troy has used to achieve great success for himself and his family. We are confident that with the right attitude and work ethic, you too can enjoy the same or greater levels of success.

Boost Your Deal Closing Success Rate Now!

OK, what are you waiting for. I know you do owner financing. How would you like the cash instead. How would you like to convert a buyer's promissory note into cash at the closing table in record time? And how many more deals could you do, if you had this technique down pat?

You know this investment will pay you back more than 20x the first time you use the simultaneous closing technique.

Best of Success,
Michelle Odessey



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