Troy Fullwood

Troy Fullwood is an industry expert regarding strategies for simultaneous closings and real estate note investing. He teaches real estate investors nationwide the secrets to finding a real estate note for sale, buying a real estate note, and turning these notes into substantial profit.

Fullwood left corporate America to become a real estate investor in 1996.

Troy Fullwood
Troy Fullwood

Through hard work and ingenuity, he discovered one of the fastest ways to make money in real estate investing: simultaneous closing. He also developed innovative strategies to find real estate notes for sale, attracting sellers and turning real estate notes into incredible profits.

Troy Fullwood has combined his experience and investing strategies into his course, The ABCs of Simultaneous Closings, to teach investors the secrets to success in buying real estate notes, and the information they need to know to make simultaneous closings both possible and profitable.

Fullwood is the author of 25 articles on real estate investing, covering issues such as how find a real estate note and tips for buying a real estate note, as well as strategies for simultaneous closing. He has been featured in more than a dozen radio interviews concerning buying real estate notes and real estate note investing strategies, and has appeared on "Winning in the Cash Flow Business." He is a member of the American Cash Flow Association.


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