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InvestorWealth has personally checked out that all of the opportunities here. We use them to be successful in our business. You too can bring your income and your business to the next level with these secrets and advice from the most successful experts in the game today. The represent the best real estate investing courses available anywhere.

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Why Real Estate Investors Shouldn't Pay Taxes

Patrick James - March 23, 2006

Don't Over Pay Your Taxes

Even if you haven’t bought a single property and have a full-time job, you can reduce your taxes to what it costs for a nice dinner for two!

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The Art of the Deal - Real Estate Investing Tips

by Brandon Osborne

Searching for a real estate investing tip that will really bring you the investing profits you are looking for? Brandon Osborne’s “Case Studies to Cash” program combines all of the information and real estate investing tips you need to get started real estate investing and quickly achieve investing success.

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T.J. Marrs
Debt and Equity Financing

Creative Finance: Debt and Equity Financing

What if You could
Achieve Financial Freedom in the next Few Years?

Live Debt Free without Spending an extra Dime?

The Secret Wealthy People Use to Achieve Financial Freedom: Debt and Equity Financing

Learn this Truly Novel Breakthrough in Debt and Equity Financing and how You Can Achieve Your Financial Dreams And Use Creative Finance to Beat the Banks at their own Game!

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Lease Options: Control Without Ownership

The safe way to Acquire & Profit with Lease Options
by Wendy Patton

By learning how to lease option real estate, Wendy Patton has perfected the strategies of no money down real estate investing. Now, Wendy Patton shares these innovative success secrets in her groundbreaking course “Control without Ownership” to teach investors how to lease option real estate for maximum profit and with minimum liability.

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How to Access Real Estate Investment Loans and Huge Unsecured Lines of Credit
by Tom Kish

Start a Real Estate Business with No Out of Pocket Costs!

Do you have the intelligence to be a successful investor, but just aren’t sure how to get a real estate investment loan to establish your business? Tom Kish teaches investors how to start a real estate business and continuously fund their investments with no out of pocket costs!

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John MacNeil and Donna MacNeil
John and Donna MacNeil

Real Estate Marketing Letter that Guarantees 30% Response from Motivated Sellers
By John MacNeil and Donna MacNeil

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The key to success in every real estate investing niche is attracting motivated sellers through direct marketing and a solid real estate marketing letter. John and Donna MacNeil have perfected the art of the real estate marketing letter and developed this proprietary marketing system to teach you the secrets to attracting motivated sellers and having deals come to you.

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Apartment Investing Success
The Key to Extraordinary Wealth:
Apartment House Riches
by Dave Lindahl

Dave Lindahl’s turn-key system teaches rising investors how to buy an apartment building and start on the road to apartment investing success and financial freedom through innovative apartment and multi-family property management strategies.

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Bankruptcy and Investing
The Untapped Real Estate Goldmine!
by Greg Dorriety

Greg Dorriety teaches investors to make money in real estate by creating a bankruptcy investing goldmine. By employing his guaranteed and proven methods for purchasing bankrupt properties, investors are guaranteed to reap thousands in profits in this lucrative niche market!

NEW! Version 2.0 Home Study Course
SECRET SYSTEM of Real Estate Goldmining with Bankruptcy and Investing

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Super Success
Short Sale System
by Mark Sumpter

Mark Sumpter, an industry leader in the real estate short sale market, has perfected the process of capitalizing on record foreclosure volumes. His course teaches investors to implement his proven real estate short sale secrets and unlock the profit potential of pre-foreclosures and foreclosed properties.

Simultaneous Closings:
The Fastest Way to Profit in Real Estate!

Troy Fullwood

by Troy Fullwood

The fastest way to make money in real estate investing is to sell when you buy through simultaneous closings. Troy Fullwood’s step-by-step course teaches investors the keys to making simultaneous closing possible, and reveals the secrets to maximizing profits on each and every deal.

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How to Find Real Estate Notes and Convert them into a Six Figure Income
by Jeff Armstrong

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Jeff Armstrong teaches investors his proven strategies for finding real estate notes and turning them into six figure incomes. His three book series explains marketing strategies for finding real estate notes as well as the secrets for managing and profiting from the stream of notes Jeff's system is guaranteed to generate.

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Get the Money for All Your Deals!
Richard Odessey

by Richard Odessey

What if you had all the money you ever needed to do any real estate deal? Cherry-pick the best deals - even if the seller wants all cash. Always deliver on all your Short Sales no matter what the amount, have money chasing you!

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Real Estate Asset Protection
Asset Protection Strategy for Real Estate Investors

Clint Coons, Asset Protection Strategy Expert
Clint Coons

by Clint Coons

A successful attorney and savvy investor, Clint Coons is recognized by real estate investors nationwide as a leading expert in asset protection strategy. In this toolkit, Clint gives you the education, awareness and asset protection strategy you need protect yourself and your investments from litigation and the threat of lawsuits.

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How To Get Tons of Motivated Sellers in Pre-Foreclosure Begging You to Take Their Homes

Dan Doran

Door-To-Door Marketing Success
by Dan Doran

Dan Doran is the undisputed industry expert in door to door marketing and has made his fortune perfecting this underutilized investing tool.
Now, Dan Doran teaches investors a turnkey door to door marketing system that is guaranteed to attract sellers, grow business and create lucrative profit streams.

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Collect 5-Figure Paychecks and Attract Sellers with Innovative Real Estate Direct Marketing Strategies

Richard Roop

by Richard Roop

Richard Roop has perfected the techniques and tools for successful real estate business marketing campaigns. In this course, Richard Roop teaches investors his proven, systematic approach to growing real estate investing businesses through creative real estate business marketing strategies.

How To Collect 5-Figure Paychecks Through Real Estate Direct Marketing

Also by Richard Roop:

Marketing Mastery Home Study Course

Million Dollar Mindstorming

Real Estate Investor Marketing Software, Wholesaling, Probate & More...

Scott Rister

by Scott Rister

Scott Rister, an undisputed pioneer in real estate investor marketing software and technology, has combined his expansive knowledge and proprietary strategies in this unparalleled real estate investor marketing software solution. Find all the motivated sellers you can handle when you utilize Scott Rister’s creative and cutting edge techniques!

All the Motivated Sellers You Can Handle

Also by Scott Rister

The Probate Profit Machine

Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses

Direct Mail Software

Step-by-Step Tax Lien Investing Guide:
Investing in Tax Lien Certificates

A licensed attorney and real estate investor, Darius Barazandeh is a leading consultant in tax lien investing and the varying state laws regarding this investment venture. In this course, Darius combines his legal expertise and investing savvy to teach investors how to safely enter the tax lien investing market and garner large profits under the specific legal parameters of the state in which they live.


Also by Darius Barazandeh:
Texas Houses For Pennies II: Unlock the Secrets!

Make $50,000 by Doubling
the Profit on Your Next Fixer
Upper House Rehab!

by Pete Youngs

Click for information on fixer upper home course

Pete Youngs, a former contractor, leveraged his experience in the industry to unlock the secrets of molding a fixer upper home into a profitable investment. His course shows investors how each and every fixer upper home can become a lucrative profit center through sound real estate rehabbing techniques.

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Triple Your Rental Property Income Through Creative Property Managment Strategies
By Nick Sidoti

Click for information on Nick Sidoti's creative property management course

Nick Sidoti has made a fortune in rental property income through creative property management and by targeting little known property investment sectors such as special needs housing. He has combined nearly three decades of investing experience into this course to teach investors the creative property management strategies that will bring success in niche property investing markets.

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This collection represents some of the best real estate investing courses available today!